I was waiting for something like this to happen

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Re: I was waiting for something like this to happen

lanef wrote:

NoWhereToHide wrote:

Marcamera wrote:


The craze continues, but no, shooting ranges are safe.

Now, let's hear you "cars kill people" again, G.Grays and others .


I saw this story last night and was going to post a link...

But I realized that it seems to be that only you anti-US anti-gun fanatics are allowed to post this stuff here these days.

The worst anti US fanatics are the ones killing each other, and you are so blind that you can't even see that. You guys are anti yourself and you are your worst enemy. Don't look on this forum, don't look over the borders, look in your own backyard, a gun is being aimed at you, kind of the Damocles sword hanging over your head night and day.

lanef, you are indeed an idiot.

Sorry, but every time you post you show us just exactly how much of one you really are!

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