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Just ordered a new OM-D, excited
Its a second camera system for me when I need fast AF, zoom and more subtle shooting in low light street. Occasionally building photography will be required at close quarters.

I want (i) a bright high quality walk-around lens (30-50mm FF equiv), (ii) moderate zoom, (iii) high quality wide, but bright not needed, (iv) portrait lens, but getting 45mm free from Olympus so this should cover it

(i) Bright high quality walk-about. It seems that the main candidates here are the panasonic 20mm f1.7, panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 and the Olympus 17mm f1.8. The 17mm is new and there don't seem to be many reviews, but if its sharp it might be the best compromise. I used the Panny 25mm before and its excellent but prefer a bit wider. Lastly the 20mm is supposed to be really sharp but an older design lens which does not autofocus that fast ? (just what I have heard, please correct if wrong)

Everything in (i) above is correct.

(ii) Getting 12-50mm with camera. This zoom is ok but not outstanding as I understand. Obviously the new panasonic f2.8 zoom looks great but you are paying for OIS which is not necessary. What have folk found out in terms of 3rd party zooms and travel zooms, in terms of good centre sharpness throughout the range ?

I doubt the OIS adds much cost to the lens. Cheap $100 compact cameras have OIS you know. You are paying because it's a premium lens.

(iii) High quality wide seems to be either the Oly 12mm, Oly 9-18mm or the panasonic 7-14mm.

Reports are that all wides cause purple flare issues on the E-M5.

(iv) keep the 45mm for now.

I'd be interested in comments in any section above on differences in terms of handling, focus speed and sharpness. Also if there is any disadvantage of a Panny lens on an Oly camera (apart from the OIS)

There's no reason to avoid putting a Panasonic lens on an Olympus camera, as long as you like what the lens does. Panasonic lenses tend to have more CA and purple fringing because Panasonic doesn't seem to think that's as high a priority to address.

many thanks in advance

great advice, thanks

worrying about wides, even the legendry 12mm f2 ?

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