M4/3 Foresight & Designs Mistakes from Past & Present

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Most of this post makes no sense

originalhype wrote:

2. The inconsistency of the built in flash. From e-pl series to removing it and moving it to the e-p series. OMD don't have one.

Rather than waste time addressing all you points, many of which make little little sense to me, I'll pick only one.

I am guessing you are not very familiar with photography and the latest cameras.  The new Canon 6D and Sony A99 don't have a built-in flash.  The Canon 7D and Sony A77 do have built-in flashes and no one finds this confusing.  The Nikon V1, Sony 5r, Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras also don't provide built-in flashes whild the Nikon J1 and Sony NEX 6 do.  There are a lot of reasons for this such as reducing size.

What you call " inconsistency" is what everyone else calls choice.  It is a good thing that Canon, Sony, Olympus, etc. offer buyers options.

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