The death of Sony on the high street

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Re: The death of Sony on the high street

Sonyshine wrote:

The Sony Centres in the UK are actually nothing to do with Sony. They are privately owned and run and just sell Sony products. They are closing all over the UK now. We are becoming like the USA. Only large out of town shopping centres with FREE PARKING will survive. High streets are fast becoming history and our town planners are too dim witted to realise otherwise.

Town planners have very little to do with the way people want to shop (thank god). There are no planning controls that can or would want to control cyberspace. The developed world is undergoing a huge change at the moment regarding retail and other ways of doing business. The up take of online shopping is starting to reach a tipping point and many retailers will be caught out if they cannot adapt. It's true many traditional retail models are struggling but others are not...seen the inside of an apple store lately...its insane how many people are in the store and that includes the staff numbers!

I would think it would be unwise to try to "save" the high street by changing planning regulations because planning only deals with the use and development of land. Here in Australia online shopping is getting huge but also there has been a shift toward more quality, experiential and life style targeted shopping and some "high streets" that offer more than your run of the mill shopping mall with its list of generic chain stores are doing pretty well. Unfortunately the Sony Centres offer no special experience, technical knowledge, services or cheap prices so unless they change I can't see how they are going to make a buck.

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