Speculation on Nex-7 replacement...

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Re: Speculation on Nex-7 replacement...

Keit ll wrote:

My one fear is that Sony will be tempted to over-price the new NEX as they have done with the RX1 & the A99 & this would halt the steady increase in NEX sales.

Heh, I actually thought the RX1 was priced correctly. I tried to get another full frame camera with a Zeiss 35/2 lens and it came out more expensive than the RX1 and it wasn't going to be as good of quality (never mind that it was going to be huge). But yeah, the A99 should have been about $2500 at release and slowly dropped from there. Sigh.

I don't mind the NEX 7 replacement getting a little larger if it means 2 batteries or 2 SDHC slots. My alternative it to go SLR/SLT and that's still going to make a larger NEX 7 replacement seem small. I really want a touch screen, but every camera maker seems to think that touching is something for amateurs. I've used a Sony NEX 5N and an RX1 and when you're shooting at f/2, you often don't want to focus and recompose because it moves the plane of focus. On the 5N, I touch where I want the focus and fire. It's blazingly fast. On the RX1, I hit a button to move the focus point and use a little button to shift it to where I want it . . . it's slow. It's so slow that you almost need to know where you going to place the kid (for example) in the photo before you approach the scene. But if Sony figures out wide angle lenses better and improves AF speed then I'll probably get the 7 replacement. And, if they overstate the ISO then more power to them. Heh.

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