Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

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Re: Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

nosnoop wrote:

Photozopia wrote:

Is it just me - or is the whole point of this thread that some people refuse to learn photography skills ... then blame the manufacturers for not designing their cameras 'correctly' ....?

It's only you.

I can't see evidence of the OP lacking in photography skills or understanding the exposure parameters.

The OP is simply asking for the TAv mode as implemented by Pentax or the Auto ISO in Manual mode as implemented by Nikon and other manufacturers.

This is a very legitimate request. We have 3 parameters to control. Now we have Auto all 3 (P), Manual all 3 (M), Fixed one and Auto-2 or fixed two and Auto-1 (A and S). So why can't we have chosen Aperture and Shutter Speed and Auto-ISO? Pentax is the only manufacturer who understand this need, and have properly implemented a dedicated mode for this. Their Auto-ISO is also the way that all others should follow.

There is no NEED. But, there is a WANT from some. I rarely use Auto ISO, even in semi-auto modes. When I do, it is mainly because I feel lazy, or am handing over the camera to someone else. It is very easy to see thru EVF when there is a need to increase/decrease ISO for a choice of A and S settings. It is why I prefer to have ISO as a short cut (NEX-3) and glad to have an easy access to ISO on A55. I can change ISO on the fly while composing the image.

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