Is 7d focusing systems that complicated?

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Re: Is 7d focusing systems that complicated?

ammac12 wrote:

I watched a couple of you tube videos last night explaining how to use the 7d's AF. I'm sure once you get proficient it's second nature. But it seems pretty complicated at first sight. The camera is obviously more than a center point AF - point and shoot camera.

For casual users like me, is 7d's focus system more than what an enthusiast needs? I've read where a lot of first time users have "focus" problems. Could not having a grasp on how to use the various/correct AF mode be the reason? Is the 7d's AF system really that complicated?

I plan to thoroughly grasp my beginner camera body before moving on, but I am always looking for the next evolution. I thought the 7d might be the next one, but maybe not so much... ?

Yes and No.

Yes - The 7D is auto focus system is very flexible. To get the most out of it, is that complicated.

No - The 7D auto focus system can be used with only the center auto focus point and when used that way is not more complicated than any other camera.

The 7D is designed is a semi-pro camera, it lacks the scene modes and hand holding of entry level and prosumer cameras. Someone who is not willing to put the effort into learning how to use the 7D to its fullest potential is better off buying a camera like the T3i, T4i, or 60D.

Many people read reviews about how good a camera it is, purchase it expecting it to think for them. It doesn't. It's not a good choice for someones first dSLR and they are better served spending some time with one of the cameras above regardless of how much they can afford to spend.

There have been several posts from people on this forum, trashing the 7D. It's obvious they got in over their head buying the 7D, and never really got it. Some moved on to an entry level / prosumer camera they should have gotten in the first place and are happy with them, others have just gotten out of photography altogether.

Your plan of learning the on a entry level camera before moving up to the 7D is a good one. Just make sure you have a reason to choose the 7D, beyond it is an awesome camera.

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