Want to know why climate change denialists exist?

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Barrie Davis
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Re: Want to know why climate change denialists exist?

illy wrote:

the climate will and always change, what's causing the current trends is debatable, denying it is happening is a bit silly. I guess they deny it to suit their own agendas and beliefs.

The present rate of climate change is unprecedented in the whole human occupation of the planet. This is a very real cause for concern that cannot be shrugged off as in any way 'natural.'

Even if it WAS natural, it is happening at a rate that humankind will NOT be able to accommodate without horrendous changes in population levels, on a par with nuclear war.

We also know what is the MAIN cause of the changes... for the experts, THAT debate is over.

It is the massive levels of carbon dioxide re-introduced to the atmosphere in a period of only 200 years, after its having been sequestered away from the environment across a period of hundreds of millions of years. Most of that release has been in the last 50... and we are still assaulting the atmosphere without any signiificant of let-up.

That is the problem. Millions of year's worth of previously locked-up carbon are released to the atmosphere, every single day.

The atmospheric environment can't cope with the onslaught. Global warming is melting the ice-caps and deserts are spreading fast. Sea levels are rising, and, when the ice goes, so will Florida... unless you plan to jack it up on stilts.

Melting ice is an effective stabiliser in the system, that is to say..

At present the melting ice is slowing the warming so that it is hardly noticable.... perfectly normal weather fluctuations are enough to mask the overall trend, and give the denialists material to work with...

All the same, massive amounts of heat are being absorbed by the melting process, a physical effect of the "latent heat of melting of ice".

When the ice has gone, there will be a very rapid worsening of the situation. At that point all the heat from CO2 escalation will go into the atmosphere and then it will really start to heat up... and I mean really REALLY start to heat up.

And it is worse than that. Because the reflective whiteness will ALSO have gone at that exact same time, the reflection coefficient of the ice free areas will drop to the point where the radiant energy of the sun outraces the CO2 as the warming mechanism....

With what result? Well, the planet could drop into run-away greenhouse effect, nobody will be able to do anything, and global extinction will become inevitable.

The degree of danger is not exagerated. The planet is in dire peril, yet given the political brakes that act on anything attempted on a  global scale, we are already late into this battle.

We should have started sorting this out half a century ago.

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