Nikon 70-200 2.8 with a TC2.0 VIII is not very good on my D800

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Re: Nikon 70-200 2.8 with a TC2.0 VIII is not very good on my D800

Tom Matty wrote:

It does. Simple physics. At higher resolution the softness of an image is much more obvious. But if you don't zoom in to see the resolution it's not obvious.

Just see how many point and shoot cams deliver a very nice image. Even as nice as your big DSLR when you are scopin them on that nice 3" monitor.

Then you put them up on a 22" monitor and suddenly you know why the big heavy DSLR is worth carrying.

Nothing magic about a D700, except it will allow weaker lenses and sloppier technique to still look good.

You're making my point for me, do you view pictures "zoomed in"?  Photography is about output, output is a complete picture as something to look at, on a computer screen like your 22" monitor example that's about a 2 megapixel file.  An 8x10 at 300 DPI is about 7.2 megapixels.  Your argument suggested that the D700 was somehow a "better" camera to use with this combo, which is just false.  Even if this combo was as soft or softer than the limit of the D700 across the frame the D800 would still deliver more dynamic range in the image, and I'm sure that there's still some parts (eg the center of the frame) where there's more detail for the D800 to pull out.  You could make the argument that using a D800 gives only marginally better results than a D700 with this combo and that it would be a waste of money, but the OP already OWNS a D800, it would be ludicrous for him to buy a D700 because it was somehow "better" with this combo.  If he had the money to spend he'd be better off selling the VR1 and buying a VR2.

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