So what is the truth, Fuji?

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Re: So what is the truth, Fuji?

The truth is, the X100 was the first to come out, and likely the most successful of the bunch. So, it's the first one to get a refresh.

Besides, the most significant upgrade, was bringing the system cameras' better sensor to the X100s. The X100 got a handful of decent firmware upgrades, but a lot of the issues with the camera that could've maybe been fixed in firmware haven't, and are being addressed instead in the X100s.

Likewise, the X-Pro1 and X-E1 have had a couple of firmware upgrades, but some of the issues with those cameras just won't be fixed that way. Expect a hardware refresh in due time, to add everything the X100s got, including phase-detection, and many of the software fixes they couldn't be bothered to implement in a firmware upgrade.

If the X100 really was as successful as they say it was, did you really expect them to just ignore it and focus exclusively in the system cameras? Because you can't really ask them to focus on lenses, flashes, firmware fixes, new cameras, etc all at the same time. That's not focus at all.

They've focused on the viewfinder, the manual controls, the physical experience of taking pictures and brought us the X100. Then on translating that into a well rounded system camera and lenses, on the newly developed sensor, etc and brought us the X-Pro1. Then on making all that available to a wider audience, and the X-E1 and its zoom was born. Now they've focused on improving anything and everything about the X100 that anyone ever complained about, added great auto and manual focus tech (that will come to other cameras) and introduced the X100s. They've added all the small tweaks while breaking new ground every step of the way.

Two years ago they had apparently given up on the professional and high-end enthusiast market.  They had nothing to show for themselves. Now, they have a couple of the most highly acclaimed cameras in the market. And they are not doing enough? The system is not one year old. Just give it time. Or don't and come back in a few years.

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