AF-ON with AFS

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Re: AF-ON with AFS

JacquesC wrote:

Martin Grecner wrote:

With focus priority the shutter will not fire until focus is achieved (provided you hold down the AF-ON button). With shutter priority the shutter will release even when no focus is achieved, even if you hold down the AF-ON button and the lens is still hunting for focus.


100% correct, and that is exactly what one would expect.

100% incorrect!

Suppose you aim for a free-hand close-up portrait - using AF-S focus priority - with focus on one of the models eyes. If you or the model moves just a little after you´ve accuired focus confirmation you will be OOF - but the camera will release, (regardless whether you keeep the AF-ON button pressed or not).

That  is not what one should expect.
This is what would be expected with the camera set to release priority!

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