looking for cheap full-frame lenses

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Re: looking for cheap full-frame lenses

The 24-85 is quite satisfactory but being a variable aperture lens, you could at the excellent 50 1.8G Nikon and still be under your $500 budget.

As you are finding out, the very cheapest part of moving to higher res and FX is the camera body. Whatever tripod you have now will so all the weaknesses and quickly demonstrate why people end up spending $2000 on a good tripod.  There are old film lenses but many have weaknesses that show up more on later digital than on DX.  Coatings and optics have come a long ways.

The two mentioned lenses are for general all-around photography but there are some bargains in more narrowly  defined purposes. For example the 85 1.8G is excellent for portraits and close in sports and in some ways better than its big brother 85 1.4g that costs over 3 times as much. The 1.8 sells for about $450 and will really show what great images your camera can produce, even in very low light.

Enjoy your new camera!

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