If I take a photo...II - Challenge: Sunset in the mountains II

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Re: If I take a photo...II - Challenge: Sunset in the mountains II

Tony Tomlin wrote:

John of Brisbane wrote:Tony,

Not shouting at you or anyone. Just empahsising the obvious. I can see what the the person was trying to do, but it is totally the wrong place to do it. I too prefer to look for the best in people but am constantly disappointed by the lengths to which people will go to show their worst side especially here in DPR. Always angry? no ... but constantly frustrated here. Maybe I should just shut up and not say anything ... as if anyone would care.

We all care or none of us would bother reading and commenting. I see the challenges as a method of displaying ones efforts before a group of ones peers. If the entrant understood it that way but wanted us to see his relations picture then so be it! I just cant get terribly upset over cheating people who obviously don't understand the intent of challenges but I don't think this was the case.

I think this has been discussed many times before but what value is there in being number one if it is not honestly achieved - I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

I would have loved the entrant to respond but maybe he never reads the forums.

Hey you are supposed to be a "Laid Back Aussy." You should toddle up to King's Park and soak in the view or are you like most locals everywhere, never look in your own backyard!

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I just moved to Perth 6 months ago after driver acrossing this beautiful country. I get to Kings park quite a bit when I do get the time to relax. Not a local yet so I do still get to do a bit of the tourist stuff.

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