Questions about the use of Speedlite 580EX II

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Re: Questions about the use of Speedlite 580EX II

Karin Helena A wrote:

I am a passionated photographer for landscape, nature, birds, flowers and macro ...and almost all my photography takes place outside. I have a Canon EOS 7D with various lenses. Today I had my first official work inside, with people. It was dark (outside) and a big hall with high dark wooden ceiling (approx. 5-7 meter). The lighting was (of course) artificial and not very good. I have a speedlite 580EX II. I changed between 3 lenses; the Canon EF 24-105, a fixed Canon 50 mm and a Tokina wideangle 11-16. I shot mainly in manual mode, with the setting on 1/125 or 1 /100 (the people were moving around a bit and people holding speeches with a lot of mimic and movements. I started of by putting the ISO on 400 but saw that the flash didn't manage at all. I had the flash pointed towards the ceiling since I didn't want to flash the people in the eyes. Therefore I changed the ISO up to 800 and later even 1000. My biggest problem was that the flash didn't cope with this. I had it in ETTL mode, and my main problem was that the flash was MUCH too slow. This was the first time I tried the flash out seriously. And I noticed that it took extremely long to reload the flash... after an hour, it took up to 30 seconds between the flashes and an absolute impossible job to take good pictures. I look at the photos now, and they are much too dark (even the ones where the flash was working) - and also a bit noisy even when the ISO was never over 1000. What can I do ? The photos would have been good if only the camera and flash (and I) would have been dealing with the light better. I will get more of these assignments. I photographed art in this very same location some days ago, but here I had no problem since I set the mode to AV and locked the mirror with tripod and remote control (and natural light not to get the flash on the objects). Sorry this went long but I have so many questions. There will be a lot more jobs like this, would I be helped from changing to a EOS Mark II (I can't afford the Mark III right now) - but think that the Mark II might bring some advantages for me... Thank's anybody who had the energy to read this .. and maybe has a tip ...

like others have said a larger aperture zoom lens helps for indoors (f2.8), bouncing the flash and checking/changing the batteries. (Eneloops is best!)  Also try shooting at a higher ISO level

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