What did Photoshop do to my image? Weird color differences

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Re: What did Photoshop do to my image? Weird color differences

Your photo was saved using the ProPhoto color space and that accounts for the diiference you're seeing when viewed outside of Photoshop.

By default, a photo transferred from Lightroom to Photoshop will have the ProPhoto color space unless you change the settings (see Edit > Preferences > External Editing in Lightroom).  So after completing editing in Photoshop you need to convert the color space to sRGB before saving.  Use the Edit > Convert to Profile command, and select sRGB IEC-61966-2.1 from the drop-down list.

SenorBeef wrote:

I do 95% of my editing in lightroom, but occasionally I will export an image into CS5 to do some touching up. This is one such picture. I exported the picture as a jpeg with the colors/exposure/etc I wanted from lightroom, and use the clone tool to touch up some parts with photoshop. Saved that jpeg, and I like the result.

I drop the image into my desktop pool, so it's occasionally my desktop. While on my desktop, the image is signicantly different than the actual jpeg file when you view it in a jpeg viewer. It's darker, more brown. At first I thought it was just a weird desktop thing, but then I uploaded the photo to 500px. Now the preview image, the little 100x100 image on my profile on 500px, is that same darker, brown-colored image. But when you click through that image to the main image, it's now correctly colored again.

So basically, the same jpeg is displaying differently in jpeg viewers vs my desktop. And the same difference occurs in the 500px preview and full image.

Here's a screenshot of my desktop to show what it looks like on my desktop vs in a jpeg viewer. Same difference occured on 500px preview vs full image. When I upload to flickr, the image is the bright colorful one, but when I directly upload the image to imgur, it's the dark, faded one.


If you need the image itself for exif, here http://i.imgur.com/A1np7sw.jpg

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