Anyone here with E-PL2 experience?

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[BobTheLob] sorry to sound like your wife, have you read about death of APS-C?

007peter wrote:

Wow, can I asked how do you justified keeping all those DSLR? Under what circumstance do you use them.

BobTheLob wrote:

Hey, you sound like my wife!

Sorry that I sound like your nagging wife, but I'm always curious on HOW and WHEN people use their DSLR and the REASONING to justify buying them all.  I'm not criticizing you, I'm also dabbling between Micro43, Sony NEX, and my aging Canon T1i DSLR.

But 3 things happens lately that changes the dynamic:

  • (1) Olympus EM5 impressive AF speed has bridged the m43 continuous AF weakness.  While it may not be as good as a Canon 7d, for Dance Recital and Model Cat-walk that I shoot, its seem to be good enough
  • (2) Sony Sensor in Olympus m43 (EM5, EPM2, EPL5) produced better high iso than even a canon's 60d (which is the best of canon APS-C camera)
  • (3) CP+ 2013: Interview with Canon's Masaya Maeda that "the future of APS-C at the semi-pro level is in doubt"

I'm not a FF guy, for me, so paying a $3000 premium for FF body that I'll rarely used is out of the question.  I strongly dislike BULK and hate SIZE of FF lens.  Canon M.M.'s comment makes it obvious that FF is the priority for Canon in the near future, and APS-C will likley be taken over in the form of EOS-M APS-C mirrorless.  Either way, the value of paying high dollar for any APS-C EF-S lens is in question for me now.

I love the Small Lightweight Plastic Body of Canon XSi, T1i, T2i design (with fixed lcd).  I prefer them to the Stronger Heavier Metal body of Canon 7d/50d/40d/30d.  But if canon is moving away from this segment, them I am forced to go with either Nikon D3200 or go 100% mirror-less with Olympus E-M5.

There is a lot of uncertainty right now, that is why I wanted to know if your E-PL5 (in real life usage) is able to replaced your Canon 550d DSLR for 90% of your need.

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