DP2M review in Shutterbug March 2013 issue

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Re: (even more) vindication on DR

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Again, what I am seeing personally matches quite well with the numerical results the review found. Why do you doubt the numbers the reviewers have come up with? Just because other cameras have good DR also does not mean the Merrill sensor cannot.

As i said, i think DR of the merrills is decent and on a level with the full frame Canon 5D MK2 (we use it at work mostly for architecture photos, beacaus of the TS-E lenses)
Different tests in the www shows the same, DR of 5D MK2 and SD1 are on the same level. 
But also "everybody" claims that the new sony sensors in the D800 and D600 have much better DR than the canon.


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