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Sharing more, printing less - except for books (and the mentioning of Instagram)

The digital world has provided a superior way to share and present moments - conveniently, immediately (fresh) and to those who cares (relevant). The growth of Instagram clearly demonstrate that, as does the fall of the former print gigants. (I wonder if the mentioning of Instagram will result in a bitter reply or two....)

In any case, there will always be room for prints, that is walls and mantelpieces... But that is a very limited room reserved for those special keepers and ordinary prints will have to fight againts canvas, metal, etc prints.

To make to print your photos have to be relevant, which often means the photo has to have a social value - someone you know, someone you care about. The market for prints of birds, waterfalls and mountain is neglible in comparsion. I assume, perhaps naively, that most of the professionals have made their cost-benefit calculations, but I cannot understand why any non-professionals actually go ahead and buy pro-printer? There are loads of professional services that will do sufficient job at printing your prints - why?

Anyway - other than relevant, I belive telling a story is the second critical feature of a print. In my eyes this only means that photo books (both analog and digital) will have a great future...


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