Beginner looking at a friends Nikon D200 or micro 4/3?

Started Dec 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mark Scott Abeln
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I like it

The D200 is a durable, ergonomic camera (especially for those of us with large hands) and it takes decent photographs. Yes, it is rather outdated compared to newer models, but the price these days is good.

The main trade-off, I think, is dynamic range versus advanced features. I am happy with mine, but ISO 1600 is iffy. I do like that it autofocuses my older lenses, I also like the dedicated buttons for White Balance, ISO, metering mode, and focus modes; the top LCD screen, and its solidity and weather sealing. The bracketing and intervalometer features are useful also.

I like that it has settings banks so that I can quickly switch between the menu settings that I use for tripod versus hand-held shooting — although having a selector switch, as do the newer cameras, is a bit superior to having to go into the menus. While I hardly use most of the tweaks available in the menus, the ones that I do use are quite useful. Generally, setting up a shot is quicker with this camera compared to my older one.

There are other intangible reasons for preferring a camera of this class, but it certainly is not discrete.

Certainly if you can afford and can justify a new, better camera, (and you lack buyers remorse) then get it. The D300 is dropping in price as is the D300s, and both are fine and superior cameras.

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