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Re: a few K5 astro images

I also agree here.  Its the mount that matters.  With the DA*300 on my camera i can photograph the orion nebula at high iso. too much noise and not much detail, thus the need for a mount to gather more light.  the O-GPS1 does a reasonable job but not at 300mm IMO, much better at 50mm IMO.

So a $200 mount might seem like a bargain, but then you'll be disappointed and want a better mount. The same thing happens with camera tripods....

KentG wrote:

The mount on a cheapish telescope will not track very well, at least for magnified images (like the image of M31). Not easy to find any scopes under $500USD that are sturdy enough to track higher power images. I currently use an Orion EQ-G Go-To mount ($1100 mount alone). I have owned and used better and more expensive mount, Takahashi EM-200 ($4000), Astro-Physics AP-800 ($3000), Losmandy G-11 ($2000) and G-9 ($1500)are just some of them, but the Orion mount is fine for my current involvement.

Forget the telescope, because when it comes the astro imaging the mount is everything. It is better to have a $1000 mount than to have a $1000 system made up of a $500 mount and a $500 telescope. This is something most beginners learn the hard way. A $200 scope can still do some good work on an $800 mount but you will find that an $800 scope on a $200 mount is almost worthless for any kind of imaging. If you want to actually look thru the scope then a $1000 system makes sense, as long as you realize it has short comings in the area of imaging. Buying the biggest scope you can afford usually gets you a scope that overloads the mount even for imaging. The rated payload capacity of a mount used for imaging is about 1/2-2/3 of the weight limit for just viewing.
Getting a similar image of M31 can be done with an APS-C camera and a decent 300mm lens, since the FOV of that combo is perfect for an object that covers the area of sky that M31 does. All you need is a decent mount to carry it and track reliably with little or no vibration.

Kent Gittings

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