GH3 Photo Styles?

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OK now I am assuming you'd like to read a technical explanation of how say RAW image data is manipulated by changes of Photo Styles and the fine tune adjustments of contrast, saturation, noise, etc to satisfy your curiosity ...?

Overall I see that Photo Styles is provided for photogs that do not want to post process, but accept these built-in creative choices that are output direct from the camera.

The fellow you mention with his fine tuned settings of "Natural" seems to have found his preference for what he likes to start with in post processing.

That's what I've basically done, but not with scientific method only some trial and error.  And it ended for the GH2 when I was satisfied with what I was getting done in Photoshop.  For me these settings seem minor compared to what changes can be done in Photoshop.  Also since every scene photographed is different variations in contrast and saturation vary too.  It's how sharpening and noise processing effect the base JPG output that seems to me needs to be evaluated.

After I made my first post in this thread and when I shot today I looked again at how I had fine tuned the "Vivid" style and Ooops! it was not how I had said it was set so I changed it.  So what's the difference?  Well I don't think I can provide an accurate impression until I use Photoshop CS6 to edit a number of images shot at that setting.  I'm not one to spend a lot of time doing tests to nit pik over minor differences but I'll give my new settings ("Vivid" -4 contrast -5 sharp +2 saturation and -5 noise) a try then I'll try the guy's much more muted "Natural" settings a try and see which I prefer.  OK enough of that said.

Ill change the subject Reid to your wonderful photography and experience.  I looked at many of the images you offer and I am very impressed.  Wish I could view them at a larger size.  Your bio tells me you have much photo experience much similar to mine as I come from 35mm film in the early '70's with some larger format later as I worked as self employed photog (3 1/2 years) and then in a Fed Govt photo lab for another 20.  Lot of darkroom work in both color and B&W printing.

I was surprised with your preference of square format that you didn't have a Hasselblad in your list of cameras used.  Never owned one myself but had opportunity to use one in the lab.  I owed a Bronica for square format.  A night and day difference in lens sharpness.  I consoled myself that the Bronica's lens softness was BETTER for the people picturing I often did.  In fact when I did try the Hassy for people I hated it cause it was so sharp.

I wish you well with your new GH3.  I'm enjoying mine and now have to go back to work on post regarding remote WiFi shooting.


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