What Second Monitor for Lightroom?

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Re: What Second Monitor for Lightroom?

Pelagic wrote:

NewsyL wrote:

Sony Vaio S series with IPS panel?

Yes, 17" Series S 1920x1080 I don’t think it is IPS. The colors change when viewed from the side.

I asked about your laptop model for a particular reason - it is related to the colour space coverage of the back light, see colour space discussion below.

Also, do you have a Displayport for connectivity or just the usual analog VGA and a HDMI port?

No just VGA and HDMI. Which is better?


Just checking to see if your laptop can support the 2560x1440 27" monitors.  It cannot.


There are various types of LCD panels - TN, MVA, PVA, PLS, and IPS (worst >> best). PLS and IPS are the current favorites

Yes I’ve seen color shift when my laptop moves on my lap. J If I can’t afford IPS, I’ll wait until I can. I just turned my screen sideways and I can see a change from top to bottom. Iguess that’s always been there but now I can see it. Sort of like using a CPL and seeing the sky change from side to side.


Look at it from the bottom and tilt the top away from you.  If it starts to look like a film negative it is a TN panel.  This is the norm in laptop screens.


.Back to colour space....

You use Lightroom but do you work with wide gamut images?

Shoot with a Panasonic G5 and a Canon S95 and only shoot in 12 bit raw. I’m old fashioned so I rarely go to Elements for pixel editing. LR does what I need. I use a local print shop who only takes sRGB. Currently I use his profile and a Colormunki calibrator to get color match. Does that mean I only need full sRGB support when softproofing in LR?


Most likely a standard sRGB gamut monitor will suffice.


For now, to get a handle on what is available in your price range, start with these two web sites...



(Prad has the newest reviews on their German language side)

Thanx, Those sites were great.

In my OP I’m not sure that I really explained what I’m after. That is to render, on screen, a full A4 size soft proof. The rest of my workflow seems OK. If I could simplify and/or spend less that would be grand. I’ve tried the LR feature where the develop module is on the main screen with an instant update review on the second screen. I loved it. I can stay 1:1 in the develop module while also seeing the full image on the second screen. If that image was full A4 or A3 sized I could die and go to heaven.

Does that make my questions more clear?

Sure does.  A 21.5" 1920x1080 monitor turned to portrait mode will suffice.  Or a 24" 1920x1200 in landscape mode.  A4 is 210 x 297 mm or 8.3 x 11.7 inches widthxheight.  I checked my U2412M 24" 1920x1200 and A4 fits fine even allowing for a little bit of margin for software menu bars.

Only problem with the U2412M is that it does not have a HDMI port.  I've used mine on occasion connected to my laptop via VGA and it is rock solid.

But there are several other decent monitors out there offering 24" 1920x1200 with VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports.  I believe one highly rated model is the HP ZR2440w.  There are also a couple of models from ASUS.  Dell is also discounting the wide gamut U2410 to $399 as it is at End Of Life with the new U2413 coming later this month.


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