Death of the GXR project?

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Re: Death of the GXR project?

chrisnga wrote:

The two columns of GXR when the K-01 wasn't there at CP+ was positive (thanks Anthony), but they could have gone a step further and put out a postcard out like they did for the GRD, if they were thinking of carrying it on, that is. I suppose I can't expect a company to have more than a 2-3 year try-out plan for a 'novel concept' product, but still...

They actually did that when they first launched the GXR by displaying a plethora of different modules from remote camera to a printer etc to show off the possibilities of this new system.

None of which have ever came to pass, so they possibly learned not to do that any more after fending off all the "so where's that projector module then?" questions over the intervening three years.

So the 2013 GRD is obviously already in the works, so they can confidently put that placard up for it!

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