for handheld video and long lens shooting, GH3 or EM5?

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Re: for handheld video, GH3 or EM5?

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I'm very interested in the topic of stabilization, is there any comparison online between E-M5 and the Pana OIS? Or could anyone make one?

There was a comparison between Panny OIS and the older IBIS from Olympus. The results came out as essentially equal for the corrected image and both systems performed at less than advertised stop correction on average with IBIS coming out ahead in slower shutter speeds where the lens IS would quickly fall off even though it tended to perform better at faster speeds. The real difference being however that OIS had the potential to distort the image because of the way the correction works and IBIS had the potential to add vignetting to the image because of the sensor shifting. Both of these would be hard to measure and can't be distinguished unless shooting a test grid and measuring the output. Even then your looking at such micro issues that it would be a waste of time. I know dpreview has done a few tests of either, you can find them on older reviews. I think it was camera labs that did a more extensive review on the effectiveness. In the end their preference was to the fact that IBIS works with any lens at any time thus superior in implementation. The 5 axis system gets a lot of industry praise because it's so unique and works so well unlike anything else and often compared to a steady cam setup.

In other words, no, you don't have an actual comparison to support your assertion. IS for stills is not the same as IS for video.

My suspicion is that the EM5's IBIS is a little better for video, but probably not that much better than Power OIS in the newer Panny lenses. In my opinion there is no in-camera IS system that will produce rock solid results. The answer is to use some kind of rig, whether it's a shoulder rig, steadicam, monopod, tripod, or even a shoulder stock.

I don't have that data, dpreview has some, camera labs has some as well. Go look for it, I am not your maid. Use an EM5 for video then come back with your experience but before you do, please post your results on youtube so we can see what you are referring to.

It's your claim -- not incumbent on me to make your case for you. But thanks for your opinion.

So why bother attempting to denounce what I have to say without providing any evidence to suggest what I say is inaccurate? Ah nvm I know why, troll is a troll. Welcome to my block list.

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