Any thoughts on PC upgrade?

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Re: The tail wags the dog, once again.

soloryb wrote:

You're on the right track. You should definitely get as big an SSD as you can and go with lots of high-speed RAM. I have an overclocked core i7 3930 K, 16-GB RAM, and an SSD for Booting Win 7 and running programs. I also have 3 internal and 1 external spinners for storing photos and backups.

I purchased my Alienware Aurora (Dell) to replace a perfectly good (but too poky) XPS 410 seven-months ago, so you might infer that I'm partial to Dells. Not true. I didn't have enough time to build my own system and Dell was just the least of all evils as far as PCs are concerned (IMO). I've had good luck with their hardware but their tech help and customer service is generally poor. Sorry, I don't know much about Micro Express. With that caveat in mind, good luck in your choice.

This seems to be happening to almost everyone who shoots a D800/E and does PP in LR or PS or whatever. The RAW files are so large and editing them is so resource-intensive that what passed for a fast system just a few years ago now seems as slow as molasses. So, we upgrade or just buy a new system.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

Andrew Tawes wrote:

Hello, looking to upgrade my current pc due to lag times editing D800 files in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6.

Been checking out Micro Express computers and wondering if anyone has had any experience with the company. Or should I just stick with a Dell XPS which is what I currently have?

Will the i7 ivy bridge processors be sufficient to speed up my workflow? Options look to be the 3770 and the 3770k. Also want to get a system with SSD, I assume that is the way to go...and lots of RAM!

Any thoughts are much appreciated!


Thanks for your help!  On another thread it was mentioned that the 3930 might run hot, and doesn't support usb 3.  What is your experience with this?

I want to make sure any new upgrade can handle the D800 files, but I also don't want to over do it.

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