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Re: different viewpoint on a PEN camera, compared to EM5

To OP:

Not sure what kind of heavy useage you do with your camera - EM5, but I have had the EPL1 since I bought it 6 months after initial product release a couple of years or more back at $650 list, and it still looks in great shape. I always have a bag with me to slip in and out to avoid dirt, and I upgraded the kit lens to MSC version 2 in silver (bought separately at $250) and this version 2 kit, looks more robust build than version 3, I have seen in stores. I have 12-50mm and 14-150 (nearly 2 years) and all my lenses still look and work great with not much wear at all. I do use my Pen almost weekly, but I also have Nikons for work, so perhaps not as much useage as the OP with his EM5. I find my camera and lenses, are still great after all the use over 2 years, with little noticeable wear. However, a heavier user than me may find otherwise, and the environment he photographs in could be different and perhaps harsher to take advantage of the weather resistent ability of the EM5. So, the "wear and tear", so to speak could be different from one user to another.

Just presenting my views on equipment and lens wear on Olympus product, however I have never owned a 45mm lens yet (so I cannot speak of build quality of it), but I did own previously the 45-200mm Panasonic and 20mm Panasonic (also good lenses and build). I actually like the ergonomics of EPL1 with large buttons, thick body for large hands, and more accurate colour screen. Not a fan of OLED screens as, although bright, colour is maybe slightly off. I think the next version of EM(6) will likely have the 920,000 VGA LCD screen at last.

Do not get me wrong, EM5 as a whole, I think is an excellent overall camera, but some things can be improved in next version.

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