Orion Nebula Images

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Re: Orion Nebula Images

IMO these look really good, especially from just two images. A few questions/comments:

I think I like the first one better: what happens if you flatten the curve and add the result to itself? Do you get more detail without blowing out the center?

I see I'm not the only one struggling with color casts. I try to maximize the overlay of the colors on the histogram to get a neutral (whatever that means) cast, but sometimes it's a matter of settling for least bad. And after a while, everything looks equally good and bad.

I have DSS but haven't figured it out yet (I keep getting blank output -- might be how I'm trying to use flats) so I use CS5.5, which has stacking and things like summation and mean. But it can be quite cumbersome to use. But about the 8-bit output: if you're starting with JPG that's 8 bit so I doubt you've lost anything using 8 bit TIFFs.

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