Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

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Re: Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

To me, the best approach is what the fuji X100 and X Pro-1 does. These cameras have a dial for aperture, with an Automatic setting, a dial for shutter speed, also with an automatic setting. They also have an iso setting, also with an automatic option.

I don't like the PASM dial. To set the shutter speed, you first need to check the PASM dial and then set the shutter speed. To set the Aperture, you have to do likewise. It is not intuitive.

Since we have the PASM dial (virtual or mechanical), I agree that M should have an auto ISO option. As other posters have noted, manual lenses allow you to do this via the A setting, and I find myself using it a lot. One problem in particular with the NEX cameras is their tendency to ramp up the ISO to 3200 before opening the aperture more than f4 OR lowering the shutter speed to less than 1/60. This may be fine in some situations but for something like the Sigma 30 lens that performs really well wide open, it is annoying most of the time; it forces me to use M and expose manually.

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