E-M5 fun and frustration at the same time

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Re: E-M5 fun and frustration at the same time

TORN wrote:

Great input. Thank you. I thought about Panasonic but somehow I cannot make myself liking the bodies. Right now I try to ignore the thumb wheel of the E-M5 completely which removes some of the more annoying handling issues for me. Fot thd ultra wide well...

yeah man good luck. it's an important decision. you should try to go to a store and play with the GH3 if it's an option to you.

if i had the money for a 2nd body, i'd probably get one. for now i'm a sucker for the IBIS, the IQ, the AF, and how small the camera is with a 14mm pancake lens on. i'll throw it in my jacket pocket for a night out being that compact, and i know a little bit bigger and i wouldn't.

fyi here is the cheapest good solution for the ergonomics i found for the OM-D:


45 bucks, was well reviewed, i got mine and it's very well made. i like it. there is a good youtube review of this grip on youtube if you search. it's so light it barely adds weight, and adds that nice bit of grip. easy on off if i want to throw a pancake on and go small.

like i said i had a dslr kit before, and 4 pieces of glass. sold 2 lenses gave the body and 2 lenses to my sister as a gift so she could shoot my new niece inside with a real camera not the P&S she had, so i still have access to it. i was in morocco with all that kit and it didn't bug me at all, i was so passionate about photography the achy back and carrying around all that big stuff didn't matter. fast forward to 3 years later going to istanbul, i was loathing taking all that kit around anymore, i'd rather have almost missed the shooting and just enjoyed the actual experience of being there.

sometimes i hold it/shoot itthe 40D and i miss those ergonomics, but after a short while the weight, and the massive size and weight of the camera and lenses compared to my mft kit makes me feel happy with where i am with gear. and i get great shots with the OM-D. the GH3 could be a nice compromise for you perhaps, and get to keep that awesome mft lens size advantage. the panny leica 25mm f1.4 if not too long in reach could be that DOF you are looking for. it's harder to get that shallow DOF at 17mm even at 1.8 unless very close up.

btw first thing i did is turn off the evf turning on when at eyesight. haven't missed that feature once yet.

i'm a pretty obsessive compulsive person and so i too find myself hyper focusing on the little irritations you mention of which some i agree with for myself. it's a type of mind some of us have - hyper repetitive OCD of sorts - i mean honestly how could the engineers at Oly NOT make mysets and bracketing better with a simple firmware update!!!!! - but if i just let go and remind myself that right then i likely wouldn't have any camera on me if it weren't for the OM-D, how great the IQ and IBIS is, nothing bothers me, i let go of the negativity and i just shoot. i've used good compacts like the G12 and the LX5, i know they don't come close for me either (ISO, responsiveness, AF) so i know i am in the right format.

there are a lot of great things to love. unless you bracket all the time really

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