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I could have gone m4/3 but I chose not to!

boggis the cat wrote:

Karaya wrote:

After using the Olympus E-x series (E-1, E-3, E-5) exclusively since 2004 I broke down this month and got a Canon 5D MKIII with a 85mm f1.2 L. This must have been the final motivation Olympus needed to release an E-7 before the last of their loyal 4/3 users drift away.

I have not sold any of my Olympus gear. Really just looked at the new purchase as a way to fill in the remaining gaps in my lens lineup - this is the fast portrait prime that Olympus never made!

I find that the E-M5 and m.Zuiko 45 f/1.8 works well. The difference between your solution and mine is probably fairly marginal, even in low light, unless you want a super thin DOF. Having a partial compatibility is useful if you use flash units etc. as well.

Or you could have bought the ZD 50 f/2.

I have the ZD50 and the 1.4tc and the pany-leica 25 f1.4. I gave my wife the 45 f1.8 to use with her EP-2. So, I know what these lenses can do - they are all very nice. The 85L 1.2 is in another league. The bokeh is mind blowing!

My next lens might be the Sigma 180mm f2.8 macro in EF mount, i.e. the long macro that Olympus never released!

Or you could have bought the ZD 50 f/2 and the EC-14 teleconverter.

See above. i have used them for many years! The ZD 50 has a minimum focus distance of 9.45" and a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:2, the Sigma will do 1:1 with a mfd of 18.5" - so much better for capturing skitish wasps and butterflies!

Still, it's not to late for Olympus to recapture my photography business. I would most likely purchase an E-7 if it has a sensor at least as good as the OM-D,

Nah, they'll put a worse sensor in there, just for 'the lulz'.

What do you mean? I am hoping for an improved sensor over the EM-5 and better AF then the E-5. That would make my SHG telephotos really sing!

improved auto focus and a body as nice as the E-5, which is, in my opinion, much nicer then either the 5D MKIII or D800. I would then use my E-5 and E-7 for nature work with my SHG 150 and 300mm lenses and use the 5D for people and landscape work.

The future is looking brighter!

I'd consider an E-7 to replace the E-5 as my 50-200 mm body. I have been using the E-M5 with the m.ZD 12-50 and E-5 with 50-200 to cover a wide range of focal lengths. It would be better to be able to use the 12-60 but I would prefer an E-620 sized body for that to keep the weight down.

If Olympus released both an E-7 and an 'E-700' -- or at least an 'E-70' -- then that would really suit my usage.

(Micro FT is progressing well, but still no really good long telephoto lenses.)

The EM-5 is a great camera and there are lot's of exciting lenses coming out. I set my wife up with m4/3 but decided to take the 'full frame' path myself. Partly because I did not want to be Oly's 'bitch' - having purchased nothing but Olympus since 2004, but also because I wanted to try something really different from 4/3 (which, in my book ruled out both m4/3 and APS-c) plus something that would have more 'professional potential' - by this I do not so much that the 5D MKIII will take better pictures then say an OMD or K5 but things like support for tethered shooting, lens correction, third party flash guns and 'L' angle brackets etc. will be there!

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