Sony a99 Video Questions

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Re: Sony a99 Video Questions

photo chris wrote:

OntarioJohn wrote:

I come here with a bias I Admit, Sony has the creds in the pro video camera end of things I I cannot for all the tea in the Far East understand the Sony cannot do video thing.

the Photocris guy spend most of his time slamming the Sony video, and even claims they admit it, which is such a stretch in logic most would not defend his thin and woeful alleged experience, so when it comes to the detractors, caveat emptor.

no one on a limited budget should buy any camera based on web sites, testing or second hand smoke.

Good video production houses have large budgets with equipment of varing sources.

check, test yourself, and understand there are party poopers and whines all over.

Sony pro gear has to be a testament to a high standard.. That's my opinion. The bad water, soft video camp wants you to switch gear and post a sharp video of the drowning soft fire burning the Sony stuff to buy a pain o Sonik or some udder bull (had the sex change) shot piece of geer.

Common sense and research, you can't beat it with a 3.54 metre Pole.

Ive posted REAL results, you've posted nothing but insults a jibberish.

So what gear of Sonys do you own at this moment?

of course my 100, 77, 99 , vg330, and the pro cameras I bought for fire dept training make me just some dummy that showed up I guess.  I think others here have lain prostate to give you the domination, my oh so knowledga bull friend.

Freedom of speech says I can differ with your thesis, but I think you should start an I hate Sony website and publish your findings.  Be specific and call them inept, and all the other stuff, lets see how long you can survive on that tack.

I find No problem with any aspect of the Sony video on the a99 and I, unlike you, have owned one from day one until today.  wunderbar!--

John D. Conley nemo me impune lacessit
who is on your side?  Ha....

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