E-M5 fun and frustration at the same time

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Re: If the E-1 was so right...

Mike_PEAT wrote:

viorel wrote:

I can understand you. As a long time Olympus user I dare to say they screwed up the ergonomics on this and this is, I can tell you, very unusual for Olympus.

Huh? The E-M5 is the best designed camera since Oly went digital!

I continue using my E1 (the ergonomy king in photo world).

If the E-1 was so good, why did't they repeat the styling in future cameras? Because the E-1 was a bad design!

Because Olympus has ADHD and are always redesigning the wheel for no good reason. Oh, and because the E-1 didn't really have enough space the way it was set up to have a much larger LCD. But the E-1 was far from a bad design. It was ergonomically wonderful at first tough and after years of use. Still have mine.

About the OM-D. They didn't screw up the ergonomics as much as sacrificed it for small size and retro look imo. Personally, I think the GH3 was designed to handle and feel good rather than just look good, but I haven't held one yet. I hope the next OM-D is closer to the GH3 in overall size, with a more substantial grip (to balance my 4/3rds glass that will AF on the new body)  Or if the OM-D pro was like the Panasonic LC-1, that would be sweet or modeled after the Hexar RF I'd be pleased. Either way, I hope it's just large enough to fit a larger battery in it.



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