Wide angles? What's the deal?

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Re: Wide angles? What's the deal?

Okay thanks for the helpful words of wisdom - to the other who wish to push their opinions by being like an arrogant teacher don't talk to me like an idiot.

Yes, i am still learning i like the 7D but it has its flaws, mainly in resolution or quality of such in the pixel pitch and diffraction past f6.5 / 8 and horrible noise over ISO800. the 8fps is very useful and even the 5d3 wont match this (understandably so)

Mainy asking what lenses are on the horizon in the wide angle field - for example to someone ready to 'teach' me - the very tempting 17-70 sigma has a field of view of about 75 degrees, whereas the 17-40 canon is 105 degrees.

i'm definitely looking for an ultra wide lens or at least something to create a perspective / 3d effect in a image - again i know this is skill based but you need the stats of a lens to achieve this.

To those that question my 18-135mm i am constantly correcting the CA and distortion to which sharpness is lost and images look strange sometimes. I love the IS but the lack of USM makes it slow and poor resolution unless its at f8 makes the fairly low f3.5-5.6 useless. i say this mainly as when i have to switch from my 100mm (160mm) to get a standard shot  its not a fun experience.

i'll take field experience - using a better resolution 18-200 sigma os through a car side window pictures of rhinos on the move were grey, washed out and bland. - the same shot with the 100mm were loads sharper, brighter and easily obtained. this is where i imagine this lens on aps-c is not doing it justice so on FF it would be amazing.

so back to the question wide angles, what's the best on a fair budget?

in the market of wide angle zooms

tokina 16-28

canon 17-40

sigma 12-24

or of course should i wait to se what else pops out after the aftermath of CES

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