Inexplicable, F900EXR vs X100s

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Re: Inexplicable, F900EXR vs X100s

rattymouse wrote:

Fujifilm gave the F900EXR a 960k LCD screen while the "improved" X100s still has the same 460k screen that the X100 had 2 years ago.

Absolutely bizarre.

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Not at all bizarre.

X100(s) has a hybrid viewfinder, which, I assume, most people use.  So Fuji improved on the feature that most find useful, and is the X100 "trademark".  Which they did, by putting in higher-resolution LCD in the viewfinder.

With X100, back LCD is not used to photograph very often, just occasionally (judging by form feedback and many reviews).  And it is not really the highlight of the camera, just a secondary viewing device.  Hence, it made sense to concentrate on what is useful, and leave what is acceptable as is.  Just marketing and cost control, likely based on a lot of market research and feedback.  They had to hit certain cost targets, and they did.  X100s, while having more advanced features that matter, like faster AF and better hybrid viewfinder, is priced the same as the older model.

F900EXR, on the other hand, lacks the viewfinder altogether.  The back LCD is the only way to frame and take pictures, so it makes sense to improve it.  Different features for different market segments.

I am more concerned about the switch away from the Bayer sensor and a loss of Adobe Lightroom raw support than about the back LCD.  I have a feeling that the first-gen X100 will remain a desired item for a long while, or until Adobe adds proper X-Trans support.

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