FT lenses vs. mFT lenses for a new E-M5 user?

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Re: FT lenses vs. mFT lenses for a new E-M5 user?

I have the 14-54 MKII 4/3, the 40-150 4/3.  In m43 I have the 12-50, the 14-42, 14-150, and the 40-150-R.  My body is an E-M5 with v1.5 firmware.  All lenses have the latest firmware.

The 14-54 is a great lens for IQ.  It beats my other m43 lenses and is the fastest lens of the bunch.  If you can get past the slower AF performance, CDAF enabled 4/3 lenses are very good. I did not find much difference between the 40-150 lenses in terms of IQ.  I was much happier with the AF performance on on 40-150-R and subsequently sold the 40-150 4/3 lens.

A word on non-CDAF lenses - The accuracy of the 4/3 lens PDAF on m43 bodies is not always reliable.  However, those 4/3 lenses that support CDAF do work fairly well.  While they are slower, once they lock on, the pictures are always in focus.  As long as the 1/2 second focus time is acceptable then you should be fine.

An interesting behavior that I have seen is that in low light settings such as indoors and shooting without flash the 14-54 MKII lens focuses better and nearly as fast as any of my m43 lenses.  There are situations where 14-54 MKII will lock on while the m43 lenses are still hunting.  Conversely, outdoor performance in situations where there is good light the m43 lenses focus almost instantly.  So, for low light work, I always fall back to the 14-54 MKII.  It is my go to lens for most situations.

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