Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: No shame at all?

YiannisPP wrote:

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

YiannisPP wrote:

Dimitri Khoz wrote:


he was absolutely right about slowness of RX100.

Here is comparison from one very reputable reviewer

As one can see, RX100 speed did not improve much in comparison even to the old Canon 950S from 2007.

What may this "very reputable reviewer" be who disagrees completely with DPR?

Does this mean by implication that DPR is not really reputable? Because in the RX100 review in this here site we find in the RX100's pros: " Fast operation, including focus and Raw capture"

Are you calling DPR incompetent and misleading its readers? The RX100 is a premium compact camera of 2012. If it had "not improved much in comparison even to the old Canon 950S from 2007" as you're claiming, surely they wouldn't include its operation in its pros and call its focus fast right?!

Very reputable reviewer is one of the most renown european websites

And there is no need to defend RX100, because it focuses fast but not fast enough as LX7 due to the bigger sensor.

It is ok. Let's live with it.

Canon 950S was chosen on purpose. If you did not know, this old camera has very fast focusing even by today's standards.

Therefore, I'd suggest to do some research before blackmailing people who have hands-on experience with LX7 and older Canons which confirms that RX100 is actually slower that some other compacts.

Lol, so now you change your tune and the RX100 now focuses fast:) Because just before you were talking about the RX100 "slowness". And no, you did not mean "slowness compared to 1-2 other cameras", no, you wanted to convey the message that it's slow in general. How do I know? Because you added "RX100 speed did not improve much in comparison even to the old Canon 950S from 2007." What impression this gives to the less knowledgeable reader? That the RX100 isn't fast. Period.

Please read the original post at the very begginning of the thread written by jeffreyrdiamond.

Guy compared RX100 to his old Canon 950 and did not see any significant improvements, including AF.

Then everyone started bashing that guy.

But the truth is, there are indeed no significant AF improvements in RX100 comparing to Canon 950!

Canon 950 from 2007 is as fast as RX100 from 2012. And probably more accurate as well.

But you betrayed yourself by admitting later that the 950S was chosen on purpose. What was your purpose Dimitri? To win an argument with me by revealing your trump card later?!

There is no trump cards.

The whole thread is about comparing RX100 to cheap LX7 and old Canon 950,

therefore I made a nice comparison.

The purpose of these forums Dimitri is to help each other out and not to engage in personal "battles", misleading other unsuspecting people in the process.

I want people to be aware that 1'sensor and 2012 year tech does not always translate into the better camera.

It is very helpful fact to know for folks planning to upgrade their old cameras.

I'm afraid you are a bit immature. Give it time and I'm sure in a few years time your contribution to this site will be a lot more useful because you have passion and attention to detail. The other explanation is that you at you're working for Canon, but that's probably what you wish rather than reality.

Lol, belive me I have a nice job for one very big financial institution.

Photography is my hobby and the way to get some extra dow.

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