Which? Nikon 1 V/J1 or Sony Rx100

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Re: Which? Nikon 1 V/J1 or Sony Rx100

Bluevortex wrote:

Thanks all for your help on this one.

Despite the phenomenal price of the V1 kit at present I have decided to go with the RX100. I can't see my wife being interested in changing lenses too much, id likely have to stick with the 10-30 or invest another £185 and get the 18.5mm lens on offer. I think as a small all round package the Rx100 makes sense for us after all I am invested in an interchangeable lens system anyway and with a 3 year and a 6 week old lat times ess to carry is a bonus and if the Rx100 can fit discretely into a pocket or handbag then great! It offers 10-100 from the outset too but I hope I don't live to regret not having the auto-focus ability and viewfinder of the V1 - there's always a compromise isn't there!



Congrats! And please, keep us updated with your RX100 results - especially of photos with your kids! I have the J1 and love the AF speed on this thing - but the low light/high ISO images can be improved - I'm also looking at the RX100 but am wary of the slow AF.

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