Focusing noise recorded in video with 24-85VR?

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Re: Focusing noise recorded in video with 24-85VR?

Duncan C wrote:

Shotcents wrote:


If you want good sound you need an external microphone and ideally NOT mounted to the camera. This is the ONLY way to get pro sound results whether you're shooting with a D600 or Arri 35mm or a Eumig Super 8!


Agreed. However, I have an older Canon DV camcorder which I sometimes use to record family events. (Not pro quality by any means.) With that camera you don't hear any mechanical noises at all (zoom, focus, whirring of the built-in mini VCR, etc.) I guess a camcorder is highly optimized for silent operation, and a DSLR is not optimized for silent operation at all. Still, the difference is dramatic.

The frequency range of most DV recorders is quite poor, but with a good sound system any sounds audible to you will be picked up by a microphone of reasonable quality. Also: have a look at how the mic is installed on the DV camera compared to a DSLR.

If you want seriously good sound with a DSLR you need to invest in a good microphone, boom, cable and an outboard mixer.

The same goes with a professional camcorder.


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