Inexplicable, F900EXR vs X100s

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Re: Inexplicable, F900EXR vs X100s

rattymouse wrote:

Fujifilm gave the F900EXR a 960k LCD screen while the "improved" X100s still has the same 460k screen that the X100 had 2 years ago.

Absolutely bizarre.

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For what it's worth, here is my opinion.

Buyers of the Fuji X100 were really impressed with the camera, especially after the latest firmware. The form and function of the camera make it a joy to use.

The problems that REALLY stuck out were the SAB and the auto focus, so those wheels were adequately squeaky. Fuji seems to have done a good job on the support side with regards to SAB, and in the same regards with firmware for the AF. With these things fixed, it still wasn't a perfect camera, but it was so incredibly good, and users loved it so much, that it brought in an almost cult like following. Well deserved in my personal opinion.

Things that were never major issues like the ones stated above really never seemed to make it to the table. IQ and high ISO were great. Flash was great, and so on...

The issues that remained were the manual focus, maybe some controls, and it seems that wanting for AF speed still resonated even though they had come a long way with the X100 firmware updates.

Fast forward to the X100S. I feel they should have put in a better LCD, but Fuji most likely feels that it will not really be needed in order to sell units. The new camera will ride the X100's wave, while perhaps the new sensor is attractive to JPEG shooters and those RAW shooters that have gotten comfortable with one of the available workflows. The controls have been improved with a Q button and a configuration that allows better access to altering AF points, minimum shutter speed during Auto ISO is being carried over from the X100, though Fuji threw the system camera users under the bus with that one, MF is vastly improved not only in the throw but also in peaking (system users still under the bus) and split screen assists, and most of all, much faster AF.

These were the features Fuji thought would enhance the X100 experience and help the X100S ride that wave. Other features, like the LCD, got phoned in, corner cut, most likely because they didn't think it was necessary to sell units.

My point is this. Unlike the cheerleading mentality some people have in their emphatic pursuit to convince others that Fuji and their products are perfect, and that Fuji is always doing their duty with the utmost concern for the end user, I think this evolution makes it clear that the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

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