Advice needed, Need a new telelens for my Canon 7D

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Re: Advice needed, Need a new telelens for my Canon 7D

Christoph v Ballmoos wrote:


I have a 7D and I own the 300mm f4 L (non IS) and the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 OS, so I can only speak for those. The old 300 mm f4 L is claimed to be somewhat sharper than the "new" IS version, however, the very short minimal focus distance and two stop IS is advantageous. I always felt that the lens went also well together with a 1.4x, but it felt a bit short and of course no IS.

Now, I have the SIGMA, and it is indeed a great lens for the price. I am pretty sure, it is sharper than my Canon, especially at f3.2. The IS, or OS, works great and with good hands, 4 stops are reasonable. It works great with the 1.4x, and good with the 2x converter. Focusing is not an issue, but the pictures turned out best in good lightening conditions. Maybe, it is the contrast. Sharpness seems ok, if you don't have to crop too heavily. So, quickly said, it is the better lens than the EF300.

However, it is heavy, it is 3 kg and I usually have it on monopod and it fine. But your whole photography becomes different with such a lens. You need a new bag, you wonder, if you really want to take out the in front of everyone. You take your gear less often out your home than with the "light" 300 setup.

As I understand, is the EF 400mm f5.6 the same or better in sharpness as the 300 mm, which means, it is very good and probably on par with the 120-300. It is hard to guess, how it is compared with the Sigma 120-300 +1.4x, but I am happy with the sharpness at ~420 mm (it is less on shorter distances).

So, what I want to say. Maybe think more about the weight than the picture quality before you buy the lens. I don't regret the purchase if my lens, but boy, how great would it be only weighing 1-2 kg instead of 3 kg.

all sized to 1280

A few with the Sigma:

Bare lens

Bare lens



I just wanted to say that your photos look amazing. I really like your first two photos very, very nice pieces of art.

I don't own any of these long tele lenses but wouldn't it make a lot of sense to have a zoom if your subject is moving all over the place?

Being stuck with a very long prime lens could be a burden I'd imagine unless you're shooting stationary subjects or are set up in a position where you can only get set shots at that focal distance in a set area if that makes any sense.

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