Newbie Birder pix and protocol question

Started Feb 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Newbie Birder pix and protocol question


I've recently taken up a photography hobby, and birds have been my first real subject. Today while birding at a park in the Bronx, some ladies came by and dumped a huge amount of bird seed on a scenic bridge, and refilled what appeared to be a home-made bird feeder on a tree. Needless to say, this made my job a lot easier, and I got the below pictures (as well as MANY more) in about 10 mins.

My question to you nature photographers is: is putting bird seed where I want to take pictures "cheating?" How many of you would do this if you thought it would increase your day's take? How many are opposed?

Also, as a newbie, comments and critique on these pictures would be welcome. All are OOCJs from Nex 5N 55-210 with 1.7x tele extender. Thanks!

Male Cardinal chowing down.

Full-bellied red-bellied woodpecker.

Blue Jay.

Blue Jay and Friend.

Blue Jay about to be displaced by an incoming mourning dove.

The victorious mourning dove.

Thanks for looking!

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