Lens Testing for beginners?

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Re: Lens Testing for beginners?

illy wrote:

i find the best thing you can do is go out and use the lens as intended, when you check your pictures if you see a problem then investigate, if not.....enjoy your new lens, if you look for a problem you'll find one.

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The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Even though I believe a tripod is necessary for real controlled testing, I agree that the first thing I usually do is just go out and enjoy the new lens. Sometimes people do find problems because they are pixel peeping and they afraid they might have a bad copy. .  (people always post threads about bad copies, but rarely about good ones, so the impression is that quality controls is worse than it actually is). They blame the lens when it was often poor technique. Sample variation does exist, but bad copies tend to be uncommon.

When I test, I am not usually looking for problems as much as trying to get a feel for how the lens performs at various f-stops. I just do this under real conditions. I don't own a test chart, and I don't think thorough testing is necessary at all unless you think your lens has a problem. It just bugs me when people do think they have a problem, but don't use a tripod and controlled testing. instead they return the lens, and discover the 2nd copy has the problem too. That's a sure sign that the problem lies elsewhere... usually a poor setting choice or bad technique.


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