Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

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Re: Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

EHampton wrote:

We also purchased an Epson 4900 during the rebate sale (the bundle with EFI eXpress) last July and even though we print almost daily, and turn it off at night, we have had constant nozzle clog issues. About two weeks ago, overnight, the Light Magenta became clogged. We tried EVERYTHING! Cleaning, power cleanings, letting it sit overnight, Light magenta test pages, and all we ended up with was a bunch of blank pages and a full maintenance tank. It's off for repair, they tried soaking the head and flushing it to no avail. We just got an estimate back of $1800-1900 because the print head needs replaced! He said the print heads on this cost around $1450-1500! It's just over a year old! Still not sure what to do at this point. It belongs to my company, so it's really their call. Anyone else having this problem? Was there a recall? There's three ordered from around the same time with the same problem... Surely if that was the case, Epson would have told me about that when I called them. Right?

Yes I had exactly the same problem. Surely Epson should have a recall on this product, or at least replace the printhead at their cost. The current situation is quite unacceptable. Unless all the agents/resellers get back in touch with Epson and complain for their customers nothing is likely to happen.

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