Now here is an honest review of the DP2 Merrill..

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Re: Now here is an honest review of the DP2 Merrill..

There is little to be surprised about in your viewing percentage calculations, surely?

The combination of Bayer reconstruction and AA filtering always means that there is less true information in a Bayer file than in an equivalent monochrome sensor without an AA filter (eg Leica Monochrom). Foveon is like a monochrom that also does colour and it doesn't have an AA filter, so you would expect that in terms of detail/pixel count it would have exactly the same advantage over a Bayer sensor as a Leica monochrom has over an M9.

When you view a Foveon sensor at 100%, you would expect it to look better. But if a Bayer sensor has x2 the pixel count, things are (approximately) equalised.

So once again, why the surprise that they look different at 100%....

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