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LOL, double-effect denial marketing

In early 2009, I used a spreadsheet to keep track of certain camera and lens prices. I no longer even need the spreadsheet to keep track of the changes; it's become second nature. I have come to a conclusion, in my opinion, of how some (maybe even many - I don't look at many) cameras are now marketed.

I purchased an XZ-1 for my daughter when the price dropped to a cannot-resist $199. (And just look at how well that camera maintains its usability: lots of new posts each week for the XZ-1.) The XZ-2, however, is priced at an easily, for me, resistible $599. Then came the January new camera announcements prior to CP+, this apparently equivalently priced one, for example: http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/01/08/fujifilm-x20-hands-on-preview . Release date for this one is conjectured to be as early as mid-February to late March.

And now we see a $50 off deal on the XZ-2. The way I see it: every Oly XZ-2 sold at this price has two effects: (1) Oly gets the sale of an XZ-2 and (2) denies the sale of a competitor's a similarly-priced camera.

To Jon: I have not forgotten the photos I owe you; just been a little busier than anticipated.


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