Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

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Re: Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

rebel99 wrote:

Darryl E Mylrea wrote:

Is it just me? I bought two Stylus Pro 4900's last year during the big rebate sale. One for a friend and one for myself.

In this time, neither of us have used the printer very much. We do print the nozzle checks about once a week to keep the nozzles from becoming clogged.

My friend has only printed about 1 roll of canvas since purchase, and about 2 months ago, his LK printhead suddenly stopped working. No nozzles would print. Tried a new cartridge (thank you, Epson), but no relief. A technician wound up replacing the printhead.

Today, on my 4900, (which apart from the weekly nozzle check pages) has only about 20 pages printed, and as I was printing my first canvas page, about half way through the print, the Yellow stopped. I printed a nozzle check and sure enough, Yellow was dead. I turned of and back on and reprinted the nozzle check. Same thing. I then replaced the Yellow cartridge (which showed about 33% remaining) with a new one. I did a Yellow cleaning to prime it, and printed a nozzle check. Yellow still dead.

So, now I have to have my 4900 either swapped or repaired. This with only about 20-30 pages TOTAL printed.

Are others having similar POOR reliability? This is ridiculous on such an expensive printer. It's also a hassle exchanging the printer since the thing weighs a ton!

Now, off to call Epson...

i purchased an epson 4900 printer during last year's big summer sale and it was delivered and stored in my garage still in the box unopened! i work overseas and will be home shortly, the question is: am i going to face this epson epidemic printhead clogging horror with this printer? come to think of it, maybe epson knew of this printhead clogging horror and tried to give away these so called "professional" printers at really discounted prices last summer? i am afraid to even take it out of its box now when i come home!!! com-on, epson, this is sad


I also got caught with the rebate for this printer. I went though all the trouble to export this monster to the Caribbean where I work and got maybe a few hundred 8x10's and now the printhead has to be replaced. Nowhere in the Epson literature are there any hints of this as a problem nor any guidelines of how to avoid by performing nozzle checks and so forth. The should call back these units - they are clearly a problem. Be warned!

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