Konica Minolta Owners Wanted

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Re: Konica Minolta Owners Wanted

mosava wrote:

But you can easily adapt an IR-1 to work with any auto focus camera too...

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Just passing by...

that's correct.i bought one of them when i got my Minolta X-700 and still have it and adapted it to use with other cameras too , film and digital.

Minolta also produced it as the IR-1n for the later auto focus cameras.

cheep infrared transmitters and recievers are also easily availabe on ebay etc.

macsoft3 (the OP ) is asking for owners of cameras that have infrared recievers built in by design for assistance .

@ macsoft3,what is it that you have planned ? i might be able to help out , i'm in the U.K ,if  that's any good to you ?

for timelapse i have the dimage A2 and Dynax 7d allready , but cameras that use I.R contollers that i have are the Dimage A200 and Dimage RD300.

have you any plans for sony cameras ? would your device be switchable for sony and minolta ? if so i also have the Sony A580 , A900 and NEX 7.

something to consider is that the cameras go into sleepmode after a while , would a wireless controller "wake" them up ?

i have a wired remote controll / intavalometer that does this.

the "programme back super 70/90" that were produced for the Minolta 7000/9000AF cameras in the 80's activated the camera a minute or two in advance to charge the capacitor's of the flash unit's when used so that they were also ready,would your's work in the same way ?

look forward to more information.

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