D600 - My (repair) experience

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Re: D600 - My (repair) experience

KyleKyle wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

I'm glad it worked out for you. I'm deciding whether to just return the D600 and hope to get a better sample or send it in for a focus tune. All the stories of Nikon not fixing cameras properly, denying claims, and holding onto cameras for months, makes me lean toward returning it instead.

I spent today taking a couple of casual snaps at a friends birthday, 100 shots later and a test shot showed my sensor was filthy dirty. The dirt was no longer isloated to the top left corner but extended throughout the entire photo.

Once again I honestly don't wish to start any Canon VS Nikon arguments, just simply document my own personal experience. Any advice on my next move is greatly appreciated...

I wonder what kind of tech guys are employed at Nikon now to fix our cameras under warranty?

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