Lens Testing for beginners?

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Re: Lens Testing for beginners?

My take on your concern for focus problems, especially as a beginner to 4/3, would be to yeah read about "problems", but don't let nit picking over highly magnified pixels at the corner of the frame freak you out.  Aside from a few cases of defects these great new cameras and lenses produce excellent results for everyday use. Choose your new camera and lenses (if possible) on how they feel and perform together as a team so when handling the instrument you can make adjustments quickly.  Then you can concentrate on best focus techniques and learn by experience ALL factors that affect the appearance of sharpness.  Finding the lowest shutter speed you can consistently get sharp pics at takes practice and understanding of such things as your steadiness, ISO sensitivity, OIS and IBIS stabilization, zoom level, available light, F-stop (for depth of field), scene contrast, etc.

One thing I've found trying out the new pinpoint focus feature of the GH3 is how sloppy my hand holding has become.  I shoot tiny hummingbirds that are often small in the frame.  With the high magnification that pin point feature requires it takes me a heck of a lot of concentration and effort to hold the cross hair on the tiny bird until focus locks in.  Thus it has been helping me when I'm ready to take the shot or continue to next concentrating like a sniper ready for the kill.

If though you are technically inclined and like searching for the essence of lens excellence then be a lens tester.  Get the charts and a solid tripod and go to town with 'em.  I've found reading forums that photographic "FUN" comes in many flavors and levels of enthusiasm.  Whatever that floats your boat!  


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