Advice needed, Need a new telelens for my Canon 7D

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Re: Advice needed, Need a new telelens for my Canon 7D


I looked at the last 4 airshows I shot with my 100-400 to see how the focal lengths were spread across the zoom range.

Airshow #1 - 65% @400, the rest fairly evenly spread across 100-380 with small concentration around 100 and 275

Airshow #2 - 72% @400, the rest spread across 100-380 with batches at 200, 275, and 340

Airshow #3 - 33% @400 then batches around 190, 250, and 310

Airshow #4 - 24% @400 (was standing on tarmac for most of the show) with batches around 180, 250, and 360

From the recent ones I've shot the 100-400 is way more versatile than the 400 prime.  The 400 prime will be slightly sharper and will probably focus a little faster.  If you choose the prime you'll either have to switch lenses a lot or put your 70-300 on a 2nd body.

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